Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I've always wondered how an introduction must be done, do you need to be present, and is it possible to introduce yourself on the phone? What are the social standards in that matter?
Most of the time, an introduction must be done by someone you're facing; so with that how I'm going to be able to introduce myself? With a photo? A video? Letters?

To answer the first one, I've never liked the idea of taking photos of myself; its not like I am thinking bad of the people that do, but I have not gotten into the idea that the one depicted on a layer of paper (or electronically) is me; one of the first acts a baby can do is identifying himself in a mirror, that I can do, but doing it on a photo is not that easy to me. Also there’s the matter of how the internet work, and what might be seen as a simple act of portraying oneself on a photo, can be taken like vanity, or used for unknown (mostly in a mischievously form) by others.
So that's, that.

In the matter of a video, well, I am not a good cameraman, and oh boy do I have a trembling hand (thank god I'm not a surgeon) And, maybe I have the right idea, but I'm not capable (yet) of transforming it into a video.
So, what remains are letters, this I can do (I gu going to last? That I can't tell, I get easily bored, and although I do like to write, I guess it will take a good time before I get the "Blogger symptoms".
Well, getting along with the introduction, who am I?
How many times I've had to answer that, and how many version have I give; well lets start for the known facts. I'm a Mexican, born and raised (at least that’s what the official documents say), born in the beautiful State of Puebla; this much (or little) information may rise the next question, so why are you writing in English?
Ok, although my native language might be Spanish, I've acquired a special relationship with it, a bittersweet one.
This matter I'll try to explain in further posts, which makes me ask, how long is this thing going to last? That I can't tell, I get easily bored, and although I do like to write, I guess it will take a good time before I get the "Blogger symptoms".

Now as you can tell (If you have read this far, give yourself a big applause) my mind tends to divagate without problems, this might be hard to get acquainted with, but you can always try.
Continuing with the "Introduction", born and raised Mexican, I'm currently getting through college, at a very slow pace (working to pay the college isn’t exactly the nirvana) so I guess that I will have completed it in at least 6 years :( Oh, this bring another topic of concern, I tend to use smileys, maybe 'cause I haven't got the ability to reflect my emotions on the paper (which is why they were invented, right?) /back on track/ Ok, college student, dealing with an International Business Bachelorette and working.

In the matter of hobbies, well, I'm a self-proclaimed Otaku (but to some standards I don't qualify), and a wannabe of many things, as I excused myself earlier I tend to divagate and this has brought the effect of not mastering any of these arts, which may include but aren't exclusive to:
  • ·      Cooking
  • ·            Melomanot;">·      Miniature Carpentry
  • ·      Drawing (I think I'm lying here…)
  • ·      Music making
  • ·      Melomano (Music lover =.=; that didn’t sound right)
  • ·      Pastry crafting
  • ·      Etc.

So, with 20 years old, I can say I've tried lots of things; but in my core, there are some things I love the most, Food and Music are on top, the rest I can't picture right now.
Also, one thing that could define me is my love for fine things; I love things that are made with care and preparation, luxury (as pretty much any other middle class lad) and dedication. It may come in different forms, a good music album (matter I haven’t talked yet, maybe later) some gizmos, a sublime pastry, fine clothes, etc.
Summarizing, I can say I'm a complete douche (0_0;; ) or at least that's what I can say, this might be the reason I don't like to make an image of myself. I hope that in the future I may be able to picture myself in a brighter light.
Also I think I can share part of the blame on the sound effect of the program I am using, I swear to god that was some dude in a fridge.
Well, I think it was good for a beginning, and just in 700+ words, but not nearly a half of what I was thinking on writing.

Photo on 2-8-12 at 2.42 PM #2
Well, here i am. You might want to see an Optometrist, just sayin'.

A pleasure to meet you.